Executive Health Management

All in a Day's Work: A One-stop shop for all your wellness care needs

With multiple specialties available under one roof, The Executive Health Program at Physicians Regional is the ideal solution for busy executives, young professionals and retirees on the go.

This convenient and inclusive examination process is aimed at targeting, reducing and removing health risks in addition to promoting overall wellness. Of equal importance is the ability to facilitate prompt access to hospital specialists should any concerns be identified as a result.

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Executive Health Management
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About the Center

The Executive Health Program at Physicians Regional Medical Center offers a comprehensive health examination in a package tailored to meet a patient’s unique medical needs. And most importantly, The Executive Health Program addresses the issue of “too little time” by grouping all essential services, if needed, together into a single day.

Benefits of Preventative Medicine with Executive Health:

  • Increase productivity of key employees
  • Reduce work related disabilities
  • Decrease medical claims (overall a healthy individual is more useful to any business)
  • Attract and maintain employees.

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Call Executive Health Management Services at (239) 304-4713. An information packet will be sent to you and we will coordinate a date for your physical.

Experienced Executive Health Physicians


    Bryan Murphey, MD
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    Arnold Alexander, MD
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    Rebekah Bernard, MD
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The Executive Health Program provides a wellness program that is personalized, based on their individual medical history, and includes a package of services focusing on the patient's special needs, family history, or preferred timing.

Developed with a clear understanding that each patient must be viewed an as individual, the menu of optional services represents a variety of clinical needs including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Physical exams
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Chest X-rays
  • Stress echocardiography
  • Comprehensive eye exam
  • Vascular screening
  • Vein screening
  • Total body CT scan with cardiac scoring

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I have an Executive Health Management Physical?

A. Our Executive Health Management Physicals are tailored to meet the needs of Corporate Executives and Professionals who want to improve and maintain their health.  Our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive adult diagnostic and preventive health evaluation employing state-of-the-art equipment and testing procedures All services are rendered at Physicians Regional Medical Center on Pine Ridge. We are committed to making your time spent with us as convenient, comfortable and informative as possible.

Q. How much time will this take out of my busy schedule?

A. Executive Health physicals take 4 to 7 hours depending on the program chosen. Other appointments and/or testing may be added on to your schedule for the day if deemed necessary.  You will be personally escorted to your appointments in a timely fashion.

Q. How soon will I have my test results?

A. All tests are done STAT, so most if not all test results will be available for your exam with your Executive Health physician at the end of the day.  A personalized, bound health report will be mailed to you shortly after your visit.

Q. Will my insurance cover the cost of my Executive Health physical?

A. Since Executive Health Management physicals are considered preventative medicine, highly specialized examinations, most insurance companies will not cover these services. We recommend you contact your insurance agency to discuss your benefits. An administration fee will be charged if you would like us to file insurance on your behalf.

Q. How should I go about making an appointment?

A. Call Executive Health Management Services at (239) 304-4713. An information packet will be sent to you and we will coordinate a date for your physical.

Q. How should I prepare for my Executive Health Management physical?

A. After your appointment has been scheduled, you will receive an information packet which includes a Health History Questionnaire, a medical Records Release Form and a Financial Responsibility Form. Please complete these forms and either e-mail, fax or mail to us prior to your appointment, if possible.  Also included are a letter with instruction and cost information, a schedule of your appointments, instructions for any tests you may be having and a Hemoccult Test Kit (if you are not having a Colonoscopy).

Q. Are there any special accommodations?

A. Travel Medicine available for out-of-the-country inoculations. Other special accommodations include:

  • Valet service available
  • Complimentary snack and lunch in our hospital cafeteria
  • Transportation service/limo, taxi, bus, etc… (additional fees apply)

Further proof of the concierge-style approach to The Executive Health Program is the optional but popular Stay and Play Package. Physicians has partnered with The Ritz Carlton Golf Resort, an award winning hotel and golf course conveniently located near Physician’s Regional Medical Center, to enhance the patient experience. Through this partnership, patients may take advantage of excellent corporate rates on both accommodations and golf.