Research Studies

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research, by definition, is a comparison test of a medication or treatment to a placebo (inactive replica), other medications or the standard medical treatment for a specific condition.  Clinical trials vary in size from the number of researchers to the number of patients.  However, all trials have one common goal:  to provide you (as the patient) with the newest, most advanced therapies available.

How Can You Benefit?

Many of the studies we conduct are supported by private industry or other grants.  This allows participants to:

  • receive research related medication
  • have diagnostic testing performed
  • receive physician assessments at no cost
  • attend ongoing education
  • have frequent contact with the research team
  • help others by contributing to medical research
  • be compensated for participation in research trials

What Trials Are Currently Being Conducted?

Physicians Regional Medical Group is currently conducting the following research studies:

If you take pain medication for arthritis, you may qualify.

If you have COPD (Bronchitis and/or Emphysema), you may qualify.

If you have been hospitalized within the last 90 days for chest pain and are also having trouble controlling your diabetes, you may qualify.

Recent Heart Attack:
If you have had a heart attack in the last 5 years, you may qualify.

Please ask your doctor for more information or call (239) 304-4791.