Evaluation and care for hearing and balance disorders

Audiology is focused on the clinical evaluation and management of hearing and balance disorders. Physicians Regional’s audiologists work collaboratively with ear, nose and throat doctors to provide a full range of care for conditions such as ear infections, tinnitus, swimmers ear, as well as dizziness, vertigo and motion sickness.

Hearing loss remains untreated in 85 percent of those affected in the United States, taking an important toll on those suffering this condition and the people around them. You can read more about hearing loss and its impact on people's lives in this New York Times blog post.

Audiologists perform detailed exams to determine the cause and extent of hearing and balance problems, and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Our specialists provide a full range of services to address hearing loss and improve communication, including:

  • Hearing assessments and vestibular (balance) testing
  • Hearing-aid evaluations and fittings, and assistive listening devices
  • Hearing-aid dispensing using all major manufacturers
  • Custom ear plugs
  • Middle ear vent tubes

Our audiologists also provide education to ensure successful long-term management, as well as referrals to specialized doctors, surgeons, therapists and other clinicians for multidisciplinary care.