Sinus Care (Rhinology)

The ENT Specialty Care Center at Physicians Regional Healthcare System offers a full range of state-of-the-art services to evaluate, diagnose and treat nasal and sinus problems. Our highly skilled ENT doctors have a broad range of experience to provide care for everything from nasal congestion and smell and taste disorders, to a deviated septum or broken nose — including plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Our specialists deliver comprehensive care through services such as:

The latest treatment for sinusitis

For those who suffer from the headaches, congestion, fatigue and other symptoms of sinusitis, Balloon Sinuplasty offers a safe, minimally invasive option to alleviate symptoms. During the procedure, small, flexible devices are inserted into the nostrils to gently open blocked sinus openings — in many cases without tissue or bone removal. The procedure offers several benefits, including:

  • Reduced bleeding – Since often there is no need to remove tissue or bone, there is less bleeding and a reduced need for uncomfortable nasal packing.
  • Quicker recovery – While recovery time varies for each individual, many people can return to normal activities within 24 hours.
  • Does not limit other options – Balloon Sinuplasty can be used with other medical therapies or sinus surgery techniques, and does not limit future treatment options for those with progressive disease.